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Celebrity-Supported Initiative Promotes Adoption of Senior Pets

At the star-studded premiere of “The Garfield Movie,” actress Cecily Strong, who lends her voice to the character of security guard Marge, made a heartwarming appearance on the orange carpet. However, it wasn’t just her celebrity presence that turned heads; accompanying her were several senior dogs, each looking for a forever home. This touching gesture highlighted a cause close to Strong’s heart—supporting aging pets.

Cecily Strong, known not only for her roles on screen but also as a devoted pet owner, has teamed up with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to advocate for the health and happiness of senior pets. “Adopting my dog Lucy a decade ago has been one of the most joyful decisions of my life,” Strong shared. “Seeing her enter her senior years has made me even more committed to ensuring she, and pets like her, receive the care they need to thrive in their golden years.”

The premiere served as more than just a launch for the movie; it was a platform to promote the adoption of senior pets. Strong walked the carpet alongside adoptable dogs from Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love program partners, including Vanderpump Dogs and Pasadena Humane, showcasing the vitality and spirit of older pets.

Caroline Chulick, senior vice president of U.S. Marketing at Hill’s, echoed Strong’s sentiments at the event. “These wonderful senior pets at the premiere show us that age is just a number, and they too can lead fulfilling lives,” Chulick remarked. She also encouraged potential pet owners to consider adopting older pets, highlighting their often-overlooked potential to be loving and loyal companions.

In a significant move to support this cause, Hill’s Pet Nutrition has recently contributed $100,000 to PetSmart Charities. This generous donation aims to facilitate the adoption of 5,000 pets, with a particular emphasis on senior animals, ensuring they receive the love and care they deserve in their later years.

Through her advocacy and public appearances, Cecily Strong continues to be a voice for senior pets, reminding us of the joy and companionship they can bring to our lives.

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