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Utah Cat Survives Six-Day Ordeal After Being Accidentally Shipped to California in a Return Box

In a remarkable tale of survival and serendipity, a Utah couple recently experienced what they call “little and big miracles” after their beloved cat, Galena, embarked on an unexpected journey across state lines. Galena, who mysteriously disappeared from her home on April 10, was later found over 650 miles away in California, having accidentally been shipped in an Amazon return package.

Carrie Clark, Galena’s owner, shared the astonishing story on Facebook, detailing the anxious week of searching that followed her pet’s disappearance. “She literally just vanished!” Clark wrote, explaining how they had spread the word through social media and plastered flyers all around their neighborhood. Despite their efforts, there was no sign of Galena until a surprising turn of events brought a wave of relief over the worried family.

The breakthrough came when Clark received a text message on April 17, informing her that Galena’s microchip had been scanned in California. A local veterinarian, who had received the cat from an observant Amazon employee named Brandy Hunter, contacted Clark. It turned out that Galena had sneakily hidden inside one of the boxes the Clarks were sending back to Amazon, unbeknownst to them.

The story of Galena’s accidental shipment and subsequent rescue has captured the hearts of many, garnering over 200 likes on Facebook. Clark revealed that the box had a split seam, which fortunately allowed Galena to breathe during her unintended trip. Upon learning of their cat’s location, Clark and her partner, Matt, immediately flew to California to reunite with Galena at the veterinarian’s office.

Thanks to the microchip, the attentiveness of Brandy Hunter, and the swift action of the veterinary staff, Galena was safely recovered. Remarkably, despite having no access to food or water for six days, Galena was found to be completely unharmed, with bloodwork results that came back completely normal.

This extraordinary story highlights the importance of microchipping pets and the incredible difference that a small act of kindness can make. Galena’s adventure from Utah to California and back home is a testament to the resilience of our furry friends and the unexpected journeys that life can take.

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